Production Pots
Chrysanthemum flower pots
Cooling trays
Services of cuts and propagation of plants

POLDAN-LB - production of potts and cooling trays, high-quality articles for Supplies and cooling equipment


P.P.H.U. Export-Import POLDAN-LB Jacek Feast is wielkopolska family business operating since 1998. Our offer include production pots, bowls chrysanthemum and spacers refrigeration. They are made of high quality plastic.

Environmental friendly

Granules for him is obtained from recycled by modern Polish and Danish technology. We guarantee its European quality.
We make sure that our articles Supplies and equipment refrigerators are highly safe for humans and plants.


P.P.H.U. Eksport Import "POLDAN-LB" Jacek Biesiada Zielęcin, ul.Tysiąclecia 9/9, 64 - 050 Wielichowo, Poland


mail: Phone: +48 614445601, +48 602110720 Fax: +48 614445601