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Spacers pallet indispensable in modern cold

very reliable + reusable + easy to clean = economical, efficient and convenient

The unique design of the cooling inserts for maximum penetration of air during freezing and thawing. Thanks to the solid construction of the high density polyethylene can withstand temperatures of -50 degrees to +90 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to most acids and chemicals, thus ensuring a long life of your even in the toughest conditions. Cooling Inserts are used worldwide by leading companies since 1984.

  • Approved for food contact.
  • Suitable for food products being low temperature.
  • The air circulates rapidly through the holes zapewnijaąc quick and efficient freezing the entire palette.
  • Maximum air infiltration leads to rapid freezing and thawing.
  • The design of the cooling spacers allows for easy cleaning.
  • After placing occupy little space.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • High density polyethylene.
  • Standard colors: black or blue.
  • Other colors can be used on request.

NOTE! The product is available in 20 colors. Check and choose your color … here